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Voiceless Had It’s 1st Birthday!

A year ago this fall, a lifelong dream became a reality. I completed a 16 year project. Voiceless, Spencer’s Story-A Mother’s Journey Raising A Son With Significant Needs. I can’t believe it has been a year already! The experience of becoming a published author, throwing a launch party, speaking at the Igniting Souls conference, partaking in podcasts, a radio interview, and holding book signings has been a whirlwind of excitement.

As 2017 began, I entered the work force again, as I had taken months off to finish the book. I birthed the book (release) and then didn’t take care of my baby (marketing) so well. As my mentor Kary Oberbrunner says, “Are you tired of being hacked by everyday life?” My answer would be “yes”. Though it is a part of life, 2017 seemed to be full of hacks, one after another. Without going into details, I can say that I haven’t marketed the book to the extent that I desired.

Looking forward, 2018 will be filled with excitement as well. Brian and I will be getting married. Wedding plans are underway. I am seeking full-time employment and am completing  Kary’s Ghostwriter Program. I will be a certified editor, proofreader, and Ghostwriter this month! I still plan on marketing Voiceless one step at a time, little bits at a time. Something exciting is happening Jan 10th. Details soon. I really want to start my second book, but there are a few things I need to do first before I go down that rabbit trail. So often I feel like I am going down one rabbit trail after another, never getting to my destination. Anyone? This year I will simplify and gain clarity! What’s that saying, “Imperfect progress is still progress.” Thank you Lysa Terkerst!

Because marketing is not my strong area of expertise, there are suggestions below as to how you can help. I know you are all busy, but if a thought crosses your mind and you can do one of these, it is mostly about spreading our story by word of mouth. Money is not my motive, but getting our story to those that need it is my goal. It is a journey of perseverance, overcoming, and hope. Something I think the world needs more of.

1. REVIEW VOICELESS ON AMAZON. If you have read it, can you take about 5 minutes to write a review? When bookstores pull it up online, if it has lots of great reviews, it improves my chance of getting it on bookshelves.


https://amzn.to/2d3VsWf paperback

https://amzn.to/2d6HwOk  kindle

and the Tattered Cover @ Denver, LoDo, and Aspen Grove locations. I also, always have copies. It is also in the Parker, Castle Rock, and Highlands Ranch libraries.

It can be ordered directly from me, https://www.angeladee.life via paypal.


Feedback, positive or negative is important in helping me with my future writing endeavors!

I am really excited for 2018. Are you? My word for the year is Spiritual Creativity. I expect it to take me on many fun adventures with beautiful souls out there. Will you be one of those to rediscover your creative side, your passions, your dreams? I hope so, and I encourage you to BE BRAVE and DREAM BIG! As Kary O says, “I believe in you!”

Happy New Year!

Connecting/Serving, Voiceless

BOOK ORDER OPTIONS – Voiceless can be ordered directly from my website. Also available at Amazon.com https://amzn.to/2d3VsWf paperback https://amzn.to/2d6HwOk kindle BN.com and Tattered Cover, Parker, Castle Rock, and Highlands Ranch libraries. Available to order wherever books are sold.

VOICELESS-SPENCER’S STORY, A Mother’s Journey Raising A Son With Significant Needs

Soft Cover $16 20% off/13.00




Emails today with NBC producer, Kate Cook about release forms and endorsements. I am hoping for an endorsement for Voiceless from someone at NBC.

In the crazy life of Spencer Lee, he was featured on the Today Show with Kathie Lee and Hoda in April of 2010. In their Everyone Has a Story segment, Kathie Lee and David Friedman wrote a song for Spencer called, In the Eyes of the World. David Pomeranz sang it on the show. It was beautiful! A memory to cherish for a lifetime.

When Spencer’s Story got chosen out of three families to be on the show, we were humbled, overwhelmed, and a little cray cray. Trying to get this significant needs boy to New York and camera ready in two days, was a goal all its own. We did it without seizures or purging. Yes!!

Our caregiver, Nicole told a beautiful story of how Spencer encouraged her to run the Chicago Marathon. If it weren’t for her beautiful letter to the Today Show, I wouldn’t have this memory to write about. Love you Nicole!

There’s a chapter about our trip in the book, and so I had to reconnect with Kate to get release forms signed. I use their names and the song in the book. 14678514788001448757183An endorsement from Kathie Lee, Hoda, or Kate would be a dream come true!

Next time I will learn how to rotate my photo. For now, turn your ☎ sideways😉


Voiceless, Spencer’s Story

After sixteen years of writing off and on, I finished my first manuscript today.

In 2000, our normal son became ill and within two weeks he deteriorated from an ornery active six-year old boy to an infant level. After a twelve minute seizure, the diagnosis of epilepsy was history. A supposed virus crossed Spencer’s  blood brain barrier and ate away like a little pac-man. After a two month stay in Children’s Hospital of Denver, we brought home a boy with significant needs. He could not eat, walk, talk. 24/7 care 365 days of the year. Our life had changed forever.

Voiceless tells of one mother’s journey of raising a child with significant needs. With two other children, a husband, and a family business… life was a challenge.

The manuscript will be off to an editor by mid to late June. If you are interested in our story, it will be available on Amazon.com or Barnes and noble.com by September. Over the last year, I have had the pleasure of working with Author Academy Elite. Coach and fellow author, Kary Oberbrunner has encouraged and given me skills and tools to complete this dream. His non profit, Igniting Souls Tribe is an amazing support and accountability group. I am so blessed to be a part of it. If you would like to be a part of my private FB group, go to Angela Dee, Voiceless, Spencer’s Story and ask to join the group. Also, PM me with your email address, so I can inform you on updates.

Be Brave.

Dream Big.

Thanks for your support!

Angela Dee


http://www.karyoberbrunner.com (coach, fellow author)


Legit or Not? (A post I found from May that I did not share)

Procrastination…every writer I know has a list of things they do instead of writing.

I am no exception.

Today I decided to set up my website.

After all, marketing is important in selling a book.


Writing is hard, and time consuming, and who will read my stuff anyway?

Every writer I know fears that no one will pick up their book.

That they will order 5000 copies and sell 100.

What constitutes a decent writer, anyway?

I ramble mostly…like I do in my journals.

That’s been the bulk of my writing.

What prompts me to market and sell a book by fall?

It’s crazy, I know.

But God told me to do it 16 years ago and I am trying to be obedient.

I think if I put it out there, magically the book will finish itself, and one day I will be holding a copy in my hand.

But it doesn’t happen that way.

A lifelong dream of becoming an author means hours of tapping out my heart on my computer screen.

Edits, journal reviews, more edits, writing new material, more edits, digging up medical files, finding inspirational quotes, more edits, sending out emails for endorsers, more edits, finding the best picture for the cover and author section. More edits. How will I break up my chapters? End notes vs. footnotes? So many things to consider.

It has been a long difficult journey.

I want it DONE.

Today was not the day…

I consider it legit when it’s in my hand and I can see, smell, and feel the finished product.

One brief moment that will not be forgotten.

A memory that will be jotted down on a 4″ by 1/2″ piece of paper and tucked into my box of “aha” moments.

“You only live once” moments I read once a month to remember why I am angeladee.

My ADD needs to refocus after my son’s graduation.

My deadline is the end of May.

I want Spencer’s Story to change people like it has me.

He is the best teacher I know.

Spencer’s the real deal…he is totally legit.

Until my book is in print, I’m not.

Pressing on.