Voiceless, Spencer’s Story

After sixteen years of writing off and on, I finished my first manuscript today.

In 2000, our normal son became ill and within two weeks he deteriorated from an ornery active six-year old boy to an infant level. After a twelve minute seizure, the diagnosis of epilepsy was history. A supposed virus crossed Spencer’s  blood brain barrier and ate away like a little pac-man. After a two month stay in Children’s Hospital of Denver, we brought home a boy with significant needs. He could not eat, walk, talk. 24/7 care 365 days of the year. Our life had changed forever.

Voiceless tells of one mother’s journey of raising a child with significant needs. With two other children, a husband, and a family business… life was a challenge.

The manuscript will be off to an editor by mid to late June. If you are interested in our story, it will be available on Amazon.com or Barnes and noble.com by September. Over the last year, I have had the pleasure of working with Author Academy Elite. Coach and fellow author, Kary Oberbrunner has encouraged and given me skills and tools to complete this dream. His non profit, Igniting Souls Tribe is an amazing support and accountability group. I am so blessed to be a part of it. If you would like to be a part of my private FB group, go to Angela Dee, Voiceless, Spencer’s Story and ask to join the group. Also, PM me with your email address, so I can inform you on updates.

Be Brave.

Dream Big.

Thanks for your support!

Angela Dee


http://www.karyoberbrunner.com (coach, fellow author)

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