Most of you who know me realize that I am far from a techy guru. This website building is seriously hurting my brain. One step…one day at a time. I suppose what I spent three hours on this morning would have taken an IT guy about 10 minutes. So now I need to get back to editing.

Sending bits to the editor everyday. She has 16 chapters and I only have 30 more to go. Lol. My first friend from Colorado, Tami, is my editor. She edits everyday as her job, LUCKY ME! (Not sure how she does that.) We have known each other for 40 years. Anyway, little bits of progress everyday will get me to the finish line. Thank you all for believing in me and supporting me along the way!

This last week I moved my oldest son to Oregon to start his life as an adult. We covered 8 states in 7 days. Then came home to car trouble and were stranded in Estes Park for 4 hours while we waited on Triple A. Then…we experienced a sad episode. So the week started a little rough.

Pressing on…always.

I am intentional about finishing. Focused on the accomplishment and end goal. But I won’t be happy until I hold that first hard copy in my hand.

Sprinkler guy is here and air conditioner guy is calling for a credit card.


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