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By Kary Oberbrunner on September 22, 2016

Format: Kindle Edition

Angela Dee’s journey with her son Spencer, touched me in a way very stories ever have.

I was interviewing candidates for Author Academy Elite one Saturday. Angela had seven minutes to convince me their story was one that needed to be told. I immediately heard in her voice a mother who had weathered a long and devastating storm. The winds and tide had carried her into a new reality.

It’s been said a parent should never have to lose a child. But in a period of two short weeks, Angela lost her ornery, active six-year old boy to the severe effects of viral encephalitis. Losing a child to brain injury then picking up the pieces and moving into a new status quo is life changing-to say the least. But that is exactly what Angela, Ross and her family did.

As she told me about Spencer, I came to understand that the bond between a mother and son is special indeed. Those who are closest to Spencer have found his unique ability to communicate through his eyes, They can silently hear his thank you and I love you. I knew it would be a one of a kind story that others needed to hear. A mighty warrior within, Spencer’s spirit and deep spiritual relationship with God reaches to a depth only he can understand.

Voiceless-Spencer’s Story brings us through trauma, tragedy, and the five stages of grief. While the family settles into a new reality of raising a son with significant needs, Angela speaks raw truth about real life situations. The family shows us why unconditional love and following the passions of your heart brings healing.

This book that you are holding in your hands has emerged through 16 years of living with a speechless child who has changed each person that has been close enough to listen. Prepare to be challenged and learn as you read Voiceless. And maybe like me, you will be changed in the process.

5.0 out of 5 starsVoiceless is a MUST READ. for caregivers and those who support the caregivers.

By Amazon Customer on September 23, 2016

Angela has chosen to become vulnerable on the written pages of this book in an effort to help others. Anyone who has a special needs child in their life will benefit from this book. This book not only encourages the parents, but it gives insight into the life, struggles, responsibilities, frustrations and rewards of the caregiver. Whether you are responsible for a special needs child or if you want to learn how you can offer support to the caregivers…Voiceless…is a MUST READ !!

Angela Dee describes her fierce love for her son as she navigates her way to …

By Pamela J. Morton on September 23, 2016

Angela Dee describes her fierce love for her son as she navigates her way to raising her special needs/special strengths son. She opened a window into her soul allowing the reader to share in the joy, anguish, frustration and deep love she experiences raising her son. I’m thankful for her story as it provides insight for coming alongside those who face similar circumstances as well as pressing through life’s unexpected challenges we all experience.

By Ruth Pierce on September 22, 2016

Format: Paperback

Angela has traveled a journey that many have not traveled–mothering a special needs child/teenager and thriving in the process. Angela shares from her heart and in the process she 1) gives others insight into this journey and 2) provides support for other special needs caregivers and parents. Thank you, Angela for giving us this resource.

Angela Dee pours her heart and soul into this book.

By Nanette O’Neal on September 22, 2016

Angela pours her heart and soul into this book. I have several friends who have experienced the difficulties of raising a special child, and others who had to live the tragedy of losing a child. This book is a great resource for all those who’ve suffered the kind of loss that Angela has. Her writing speaks directly to your soul. She walks with you through the stages of grief. You are given the peace of mind, knowing you are not alone, and that there is life after loss. I recommend this to all.

Courageous and Tender

By Wendy on September 22, 2016

This is a beautiful story of courage, tenderness and the unbreakable bonds. I was immediately pulled into the story of their daily life and guided to a deeper understanding. As a child I watched my Grandma Vera care for my Aunt Barbara. I can still see Grandma feeding her with tenderness. Their love was beautiful but it was a like a room that I was unable to enter. I have regretted not learning from Grandma and sharing with her how beautiful they were together before they both passed away. This book fills that loss with love.

It’s a must-read for families who are doing their best to navigate the aftermath of trauma in their lives

By Amazon Customer on September 22, 2016

From the first page this story from a loving mother captivates you & moves you.
It’s a must-read for families who are doing their best to navigate the aftermath of trauma in their lives, families who have children with special-needs who need encouragement, support & hope.
Whether you are a friend of the family or a professional or anyone at all who comes in contact with these families; reading this book will give you a depth of understanding and insight on how best to support them.

By Gretchen A Schoser on October 22, 2016

I read this book in two days, it made me cry and laugh and take a deeper look into my own life. What an incredible story of love! Well done!

By Linda Brown on October 16, 2016

Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase

A beautifully written story from such an inspiring Mother!!

It’s hard to say this was a great book because it is written about such a difficult …

By Amazon Customer on October 11, 2016

It’s hard to say this was a great book because it is written about such a difficult piece of the author’s life. I can say I had trouble putting it down, and it inspired me to start living and appreciating life like never before. I also have a strong faith and a belief that centers around daily heartfelt conversations with God. It was refreshing to read of someone else following the same path and the hope it brought them as well. Thank you for sharing your story with the world.

The Love of the Voiceless

By Rebekah Tesone on October 4, 2016

Format: Paperback

Over a two day period I read through Angela Dee book which was a unbelievable story of her son Spencer. At 6 years old his life turned completely upside down and with it so went the entire family. The raw emotions of this written account will take you on Angela’s path over 16 years along with her son. It inspired me to search my life and my belief as I related to the authors faith walk. This book shows how a special needs son can be a challenging road to travel but with it your life will overflow with love for Spencer. In the end you will gain so much insight to her son’s ability to communicate in a voiceless manner and to bond with those around him. I am so very thankful for this book and the hard journey Angela went through to relive this story. I will share this book with others I know in this community of special needs.

Gripping in the simplicity of sharing

By Dvora Elisheva on September 30, 2016

Voiceless-Spencer’s Story: A Mother’s Journey Raising A Son With Significant NeedsI could not put down this book once I started reading it. Coming from a medical background, I have seen only too well the indifference of doctors who seem to know it all rather than listening to the patient or the family intuitions. I cannot even imagine going through the experience that Angela shares, and deeply respect and admire someone who is able to cling to their faith in God through it, and share the struggle in order to encourage others. Thank you Angela for sharing your story through the eyes of faith. We all need that.
Voiceless leaves me breathless. My anticipation for what could …

By Oriana Samara on September 28, 2016

Voiceless leaves me breathless. My anticipation for what could possibly have taken the voice of such a vivacious and deep thinker kept me turning the pages. What a courageous story! I look forward to reading more from this talented writer, maybe voiceless can become the voices of many who have also endured this journey.

an introspective view of authentic and transcending unconditional love, found in a mother’s relationship with her son

By Jessica L Vera, Ph.D. on September 28, 2016

This is a moving and impression laden read that provides those of us that have not experienced anything similiar, an introspective view of authentic and transcending unconditional love, found in a mother’s relationship with her son. The transitions in the book allow the reader an opportunity to gain perspective of how life altering, precious and unique each God-given gift is. Voiceless is a must read. Thank you Angela for sharing this beautiful love-driven journey with us.

Five Stars

ByGCon September 28, 2016

The courage drove out by the exuberant love…..
Love,is, the utmost language

Parenting at its finest!

By Mark LaMaster on September 28, 2016

Angela Dee gives a voice to her son’s, Spencer, story! This is a powerful and inspirational story of how one mom has turned tragedy into triumph. An amazing story of parenting at its finest!

and joy in life’s hardest moments

By Mary Alysse Dodds on September 27, 2016

Heart, vulnerability, and joy in life’s hardest moments. Angela shows resilience and tenderness through the story of your 6-year-old’s debilitating brain virus and years of loving her voiceless child.

A must read encouragement for families with special needs children

By Kirsten Samuel on September 26, 2016

It’s every mother’s nightmare. Your child becomes mysteriously ill and your world turns upside down and sideways. Yet Angela and her family walk this journey with Spencer with grace, love, and deep faith in God. Beautifully told with transparent gentleness. Lean in and hear what it means to love unconditionally.

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