Book launch

Book Launch and Proposal

It was quite a memorable weekend! I had my  book launch and it was a fabulous evening filled with friends of days gone by, new friends from the last two years, family and community. I am grateful and filled to the brim with joy.

As if the launch success wasn’t enough my boyfriend of two years proposed to me at the end of the evening. And the next day we added a puppy to our broad. Six kids between the two of us…my dog Zeke and a Boxador named Rocco! Today I am resting with this sweet bundle of puppy kisses and wrinkled skin. I am trying to take in the fact that we have become the brady bunch and I am 52 years old. I thought life was suppose to slow down in your 50s?!

Tomorrow I will embark on my podcast journey with Engel Jones and next week am blessed to be a part of Create your Now with Kristianne Wargo. I am a guest on her podcast on Nov 15th or 16th, TBD. My first hard copy is on my doorstep as we speak waiting to be proofed so I can order more. I am digging this book thing!

Here a a few photos off FB. My daughter will send more soon.


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