About Angela Dee

Hello, my name is Angela Dee and I am an author, speaker, and teacher. A proud mother of three, I enjoy all the outdoor activities of Colorado where I have lived for 46 years.

As a creative soul who has healed through art, my mission is to help full-time caregivers, nurses, and women approaching mid-life to move beyond all the questions and outside noise, toward an incredible future living your passion with purpose. Have you lost that spark that use to ignite the fire within? What did you play and dream about as a child?

Do you find yourself asking any of these questions?

*What now?

*Who am I now that my kids are grown?

*When was the last time I did anything creative by myself?

*My life, a whirlwind, I never thought…

*Where did my inner child go that once played and dreamed?

*I’m not as confident as I once was, what happened?

*I’m afraid to try new things, what if I fail? Or succeed?

*By the time I take care of everyone and everything else, I have no time for myself.

*I am not liking my body, when did I become so self conscious?

*I used to be so social, what happened to all my girlfriends?

*The pandemic (or _____) did a number on my finances (or marriage), how will I ever recover?

*When was the last time I sat quietly and just took everything in…all the sounds, sights, smells?

After 15 years of full-time caregiving for a 24/7 needs son, raising my other two children, and weathering a divorce, I was desperate to find the Angela I had lost while meeting the needs of everyone else. Now that I was free to recover that spicy soul that had once danced, sang, and had a creative project going at all times, I was having trouble finding that clear voice and purpose beyond wife and stay-at-home-mom.

While becoming a wife and a mother was my lifelong dream, I realized that God never intended for me to lose myself in the midst of living that dream.

Can you sympathize? Do you desire a little creative inspiration? Or perhaps, a few minutes to just “BE”?

If you can relate, you are going to love this group. Imagine standing at the edge of a field full of Cala Lilies swaying in the breeze, reaching toward the heat of the sun. So beautiful and pure, fragrant and free to be. That is the vision of CALLED TO CREATE, Refresh Your Soul. A close knit group of women who are called to CREATE, COLLABORATE, and CONNECT. Friends who truly understand and embrace each other as well as the importance of self care through creativity. Women who want to share their seeds of greatness by recovering or discovering their creative selves.

“Creativity is God’s gift to us. Using our creativity is our gift back to God.” Julia Cameron

Would you come with me on an adventure to discover/recover your creative self? Can you see a reality beyond perhaps your “now”where you begin to dream again? Where you step into a world of caring for yourself and filling up your love tank? When you are filled up, you have greatness to pour out to others. Do you believe that self care is good for your overall wellness?

Many of us have been beaten down by the difficulties, disappointments, and downfalls in our lives. It’s time to ignite that spark that sets you on fire! Join me and an amazing group of women who are ready to walk into recovering a core sense of self, engage in a community of hope, and discover who your Creator destined you to be. Are you ready to Create, Collaborate, and Connect with some beautiful friends? Let’s go!

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“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you’ve imagined!” Henry David Thoreau

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Check out: Voiceless- Spencer’s Story


VOICELESS-SPENCER’S STORY, A Mother’s Journey Raising A Son With Significant Needs

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VOICELESS-SPENCER’S STORY, A Mother’s Journey Raising A Son With Significant Needs

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Before me are the four loves of my life. My husband and three children. Their silhouettes are dancing against the setting sun as the waves crash onto the sand. My life was complete–my childhood dream a reality. It was the calm before the storm.

“Angie! Something is really wrong with Spencer.” My dad said calmly but the shadows lining his face gave him away. Spencer was chest deep in the hot tub, his body was stiff and shaking violently. His eyes rolled back in to their sockets and saliva dripped down his chin. Breathe Angie! I told myself. Breathe!

Imagine watching your child be ravaged by an unseen enemy. Healthy until age six, Spencer contracted a virus that attacked his brain. No longer able to walk, talk, or eat on his own–confined to a wheelchair–this is the story of Spencer’s journey told through a mother’s eye.

How does a family put the pieces back together when the status quo has changed forever?

Spencer’s courage touches us at a depth beyond our own understanding. His warrior like spirit and supernatural relationship with God teaches us to never, never give up.

Angela Dee openly shares her struggles in raising Spencer and her two other children. She is most certain that her best teacher will become a favorite of many. A pastor once said, “Your dream usually has to do with your biggest challenge.” Sixteen years in the making, Voiceless is one in a series of three books. A compelling read.

Spencer’s Story was published by Author Academy Elite Sept. ’16 and is on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.com. It is also sold on this website found in the services tab. Locally, Voiceless is at three Tattered Cover locations in Denver as well as the Castle Rock, Parker, and Highlands Ranch libraries.

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Check out: Voiceless- Spencer’s Story