In early December I began a project that I had been putting off for some time. It was going to take some research and digging deep to get my point across. How does one go about defining a Soul on Fire? The promptings to get it done were many and I had to tap out my findings before the year came to an end. I promised a Part 2 a week later, but moving to my empty nest home back to the town where I grew up, and the holiday hustle and bustle turned that week into weeks, and then the Pandemic turned that week into months. We all have our hacks in life, don’t we?

WHAT CREATES A SOUL ON FIRE – PART 1 started with a memory of a difficult time in my life when God was refining me as I walked through the fire. (I invite you to read it as it explains the history of fire). As I look back, I can see the many ways that God has refined me as old thought patterns, behaviors, and excuses have been burned away. It took many hours of journaling, praying, and surrounding myself with people who believe in me for this transformation to happen. Writing a book was the catalyst that took me to that deep place of refinement. It made me realize that I could no longer make excuses or give way to fear when God gives me the vision to help people. I have not necessarily arrived at my destiny, yet I know the best thing to do on a daily basis is to take the next best step. The Souls on Fire that I have met in the process continually speak words of life, offer their time to help me with my dreams and goals, and believe in my God-given potential when I can’t see it. Thank-you Igniting Souls Tribe for believing in me and encouraging me to be a better version of myself.

Now on with the topic–In part 1 the two questions I left you with were these: Are you a person who walks around in the ring of fire? Or are you a person who has walked through the fire and has become refined by it?

How does a fire begin? A match? A strike of lightning? A careless cigarette butt? Two sticks rubbed together creating friction? How ever it starts, there needs to be a spark of fire. I liken this to the concept of an idea, a dream. The spark is the idea in the human brain. If the spark is never fanned or fed it will die and become a puff of smoke. If an idea is not formulated into a plan of action it too will become a distant memory. One of those little text bubbles you see above your head with three dots at the end saying, “Yes, and now what?” The difference I see between the average person and a human Soul on Fire is that the Soul on Fire has something burning within that prompts them to take that idea and move towards action. What prompts them to move beyond the idea phase? They have a WHY! WHAT IS YOUR WHY?

Each and every Soul on Fire I have met has a reason, a life experience, a catalytic moment in their life where they knew they had something to tell the world that was too important to keep to themselves. In the church we call it testimony or born again; but it can be called many things–an aha moment, a spiritual awakening, a life-changing event, a near death experience, enlightenment, rebirth, renewal… the list goes on. What are some sparks in your life that have gone out because you never took them beyond the three dots? Or better yet, what are the sparks in your life that you are fanning and feeding? Is your flame raging and growing WIDER and HIGHER? Or is it on a SLOW SIMMER?

What comes after the spark? You guessed it…The Flame. Can a spark go out once it becomes a flame? Of course, it can. If nothing is feeding the fire, it will die out. Just as the human soul needs oxygen to live, a fire needs oxygen to grow.  If one does not keep taking consistent, intentional steps to bring the idea to fruition, it will wither and die. How many people do you know that take a spark (idea), they get a great bonfire going, and then they let it die out? Why does this happen to so many people? New Years Resolutions anyone? Statistically, 80% of resolutions die out by February. WHY? That’s a whole different blog post, but one of the main reasons is that goals are too lofty. In reality, there are many reasons why flames die out: life happens~ finances, listening to dream hackers, fear of failure, fear of success, not feeling adequate enough, strong enough, smart enough, not enough time, waiting for retirement. I have heard all of these reasons and more. I’ve used many of these excuses myself, but, I’ve decided I don’t want to wait until I retire to live my dreams. I am not promised tomorrow. Besides, when I retire I plan to travel and enjoy my grandchildren. So let’s flip this around. Do Human Souls on Fire go through all of these excuses? You bet they do. What is the difference, they get back up and take their next best step to get back on track with their dream. In other words–THEY DON’T GIVE UP!

In What Creates A Soul On Fire-Part I, I wrote about the cupellation process in refining precious metals. Metals are exposed at high temperatures for great amounts of time, chemicals are added and impurities are extracted. Learning this process brought me back to the refinement process in my own life where I had to take a good look at my core, talk to my Creator, and seek help from my community. In this lengthy process I came to realize the impurities that needed to be burned out of my heart, such as anger, resentment, regret, bad habits, negative thoughts and the list goes on. Once the forgiveness began, my heart longed for healing and I got that through the unconditional love of my Father God. Once I chose to move from victim to victor I began to use God’s gifts within and share them with the world. I didn’t want anyone to hurt as bad as I had and if they did, could I help in some way? Can any of you relate? God is constantly refining me into a precious metal and reminding me in obedience that when asked, we must share our gifts to help others. I have been told by multiple people in my life that if I do not share my story, I am being selfish. We never know how it can change just one person’s life, and if it does, was it worth it?

So I would like to leave you with a few questions to ponder–Feel free to journal or simply discuss them with yourself or another person who believes in you.

  1. What spark has been within you since you can remember that you have not taken action on? Why?
  2. What is one spark you have had within that you have taken action on? What was the outcome?
  3. What are the gifts God has given you that He is asking you to share?
  4. Unexpected events in our life are usually what refine us. Name one event in your life that was difficult and what you learned from it? Did it cause you to grow as a person?
  5. Has your refinement process helped others? How?
  6. What is a God Sized dream that you have? Are you going after it? Or are you letting that spark die? Why?
  7. Name three people in your life who exemplify the qualities of a Soul on Fire. What do you admire about them?

As one of my mentor’s says, “I believe in you.” This Pandemic has caused a lot of uncertainty and fear, yet it has given us much time to ponder what we want and do not want in life. I have chosen Faith over Fear. What are your next best steps in igniting that spark within? I have committed to help my mentor Kary Oberbrunner ignite 100 million souls by 2030. Would you join me in this important mission? Be the change you want to see. Be Brave and Dream Big!

Angela Dee

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