Legit or Not? (A post I found from May that I did not share)

Procrastination…every writer I know has a list of things they do instead of writing.

I am no exception.

Today I decided to set up my website.

After all, marketing is important in selling a book.


Writing is hard, and time consuming, and who will read my stuff anyway?

Every writer I know fears that no one will pick up their book.

That they will order 5000 copies and sell 100.

What constitutes a decent writer, anyway?

I ramble mostly…like I do in my journals.

That’s been the bulk of my writing.

What prompts me to market and sell a book by fall?

It’s crazy, I know.

But God told me to do it 16 years ago and I am trying to be obedient.

I think if I put it out there, magically the book will finish itself, and one day I will be holding a copy in my hand.

But it doesn’t happen that way.

A lifelong dream of becoming an author means hours of tapping out my heart on my computer screen.

Edits, journal reviews, more edits, writing new material, more edits, digging up medical files, finding inspirational quotes, more edits, sending out emails for endorsers, more edits, finding the best picture for the cover and author section. More edits. How will I break up my chapters? End notes vs. footnotes? So many things to consider.

It has been a long difficult journey.

I want it DONE.

Today was not the day…

I consider it legit when it’s in my hand and I can see, smell, and feel the finished product.

One brief moment that will not be forgotten.

A memory that will be jotted down on a 4″ by 1/2″ piece of paper and tucked into my box of “aha” moments.

“You only live once” moments I read once a month to remember why I am angeladee.

My ADD needs to refocus after my son’s graduation.

My deadline is the end of May.

I want Spencer’s Story to change people like it has me.

He is the best teacher I know.

Spencer’s the real deal…he is totally legit.

Until my book is in print, I’m not.

Pressing on.

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