Emails today with NBC producer, Kate Cook about release forms and endorsements. I am hoping for an endorsement for Voiceless from someone at NBC.

In the crazy life of Spencer Lee, he was featured on the Today Show with Kathie Lee and Hoda in April of 2010. In their Everyone Has a Story segment, Kathie Lee and David Friedman wrote a song for Spencer called, In the Eyes of the World. David Pomeranz sang it on the show. It was beautiful! A memory to cherish for a lifetime.

When Spencer’s Story got chosen out of three families to be on the show, we were humbled, overwhelmed, and a little cray cray. Trying to get this significant needs boy to New York and camera ready in two days, was a goal all its own. We did it without seizures or purging. Yes!!

Our caregiver, Nicole told a beautiful story of how Spencer encouraged her to run the Chicago Marathon. If it weren’t for her beautiful letter to the Today Show, I wouldn’t have this memory to write about. Love you Nicole!

There’s a chapter about our trip in the book, and so I had to reconnect with Kate to get release forms signed. I use their names and the song in the book. 14678514788001448757183An endorsement from Kathie Lee, Hoda, or Kate would be a dream come true!

Next time I will learn how to rotate my photo. For now, turn your ☎ sideways😉

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